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M7CL soft patch?

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brian dunard:
I am debating between and LS932 and an M7CL.  I am somewhat turned off by the LS9-32 because it doesn't have group bussing.  I know there is a workaround but I don't know how much I would like it.
I have used a few M7CL's recently and had a couple of questions:

1.  Can I patch 1 input to two channels on the desk.  I do this so that I have basically a monitor layer free of FOH eq'ing and compression on the channels being used for monitor sends.  I have done this on the DM1000 for the last few years and love it basically gives me a monitor desk and FOH console all in one. For instance, mic line 1 input would show up on fader 1 and again on 33...I just wouldn't route 33 to mix bus.

Also, please let me know any other big advantages that the M7CL32 might have over the LS9-32 or maybe some area's where an LS9 is more intuitive over an M7CL.


Riley Casey:
There are lots of differences, pluses & minuses.  Navigation is slow on the LS9s with the cursor keys.  It makes having a computer as an adjunct controller more valuable.  Depends a great deal on your applications.  One minor but cool thing I like about the LS9 is the 30 inch wide graphic equaliser.

Tim McCulloch:
Yes, you can assign the same physical input to more than 1 fader.

Nick Pires:
The process to setup a group bus on either console is basically the same.

brian dunard:
So the M7CL doesn't have 8 internal busses?  Even the DM1000 has this an "old-school" way that isn't honored with digital consoles?


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