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SM86 & SM87A

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Royce Covington:
Art Welter wrote on Thu, 10 February 2011 07:32

The extra HF also brings more cymbal wash into the vocal microphones, on weaker vocalists with loud drums the 87 may be preferred, while a strong vocalist may prefer the larger distance range the 86 has.

I have not looked to see if there is now an 86A, updating the 86.

I think it's the opposite...

The SM86 drops off quite a bit in the HF above 10k or so and tops out at 18k.  whereas, the SM87 has some erratic transients in the top-end and has a range to 20k.  

In my experience, the 87s weren't as desirable, especially, for artists on IEMs, and with loud drum/cymbal bleed on a live stage.

I can't imagine why it wouldn't be beneficial to have a diverse selection in the mic arsenal, rather than more of the same old thing?  I actually prefer the 86 to a 58 for general live-vocal applications.


(Brian) Frost:
the sm86 is my favorite vocal capsule on a shure wireless.  airy and clean, but not bright and spittly like a beta 87.  The KSM9 might be better for some people but the 86 is the best all arounder from shure in my opinion.

Stuart Pendleton:
I have both and FAR prefer the SM86.  It is one of my favorite mics. For me, the question would not be "do I keep it?" The question would be "what could I possibly replace it with for anywhere near the same price that would be better?"

dustin Bradley:
i love using the sm86.  in my opinion, it's sounds much better than sm58 or sm/beta87.  sm86 is a wonderful vocal mic that i reach for first most of the time.


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