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Mic'ing Cage Fights

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Rich Rolson:
Looking for mic and micing technique recommendations for cage fights I'll be doing the 19th. They're being held indoors at a fairgrounds convention center and I'll be hanging a center cluster of 4 speakers directly from a 12-inch I-beam 18ft above ground level (approx 15ft above the cage)and planning to put subs under the cage.

Thanks for any help you can offer...Rich

Dick Rees:
Adequate parametric EQ for the MC mic, a well-tuned system and (most important of all) good mic technique from the MC.  That's about it.

Rich Rolson:
Thanks...good points. I think I'm looking more for how to capture the "sounds" of the fights - the strikes, the grunts and groans, bodies hitting the mat, etc.

Dick Rees:

Jordan Wolf:
You could mount some mics under the stage for the "thump" and use shotguns up top for the "smack".  

...and maybe a mic runner or two under the stage?


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