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Si Compact now available in NZ, anyone tried yet?


Jonathan Goodall:
Hi, was talking to a dealer yesterday and was told that the 16 and 24ch versions (didn't know about the 32) had landed in the last few days(and all but sold out already).  Has anyone on here got/tried one yet and are you able to give us a bit of a review at some stage?


Ryan McLeod:
Hey Jonathan- I had about an hour on one in our shop on demo - anything you'd like to know?

Jonathan Goodall:
Cool, one of the first things that came to mind after seeing a few initial pixs etc was what is the build quality like?  How roadworthy do you think it would be?
I have never laid hands on a digital desk myself, how quick was it to get up and running and would it be a big learning curve for a digital newbie?

I'm sure I can come up with a few more questions yet but thats a start.


Adam Finlayson:
I've had a play with the Si compact and am impressed on all fronts.  Build quality seems good, solid construction and nothing feels like its going to fall off, which is always nice.

I managed to get fluent with the console after only five minutes  of playing with it.  I have had previous digital experience, however the layout seems very straight forward and you should be able to get a mix together pretty quickly, even if you havnt yet 'gone digital'.
Everything is layed out very clearly and logically, and despite a ton of available functions, the surface does not seem too cramped.


Jonathan Goodall:
Hi, thanks for the reply, very informative.
(sorry didn't reply sooner but been busy with Red Cross providing disaster relief in Christchurch)


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