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A&H iLive App for iPad

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Tim Tyler:
Greg -

There have been some good posts on the iLive forum...

I'll be mixing tomorrow night on an R72/idr32 and am planning on bringing out my brand new ipad/mixpad and running it through its paces, and also the next night on a T112/idr48, bigger band, different venue.  

From the couple of hours I've spent playing with the ipad today on the 112 surface, I'm REALLY impressed, and feel that this is a real (multi-touch) solution to wireless mixing.  You can move multiple faders simultaneously while tapping a button or two, there are 2 "custom layers" that you can quickly build on the ipad to put you favorite faders in a grouping.  

My opinion and experience with trying to mix on laptops/tablets (studio manager - LS9, 01v96, editor - ilive) is that they're fine for setting up monitor mixes onstage, or walking around the venue for simple touch-ups, but serious mixing is "problematic"...  I feel that the ipad/mixpad (as well as the M7/Stagemix, & the StudioLive thingy) is actually a realistic solution with very few of the limitations associated with "single task" laptop mixing.  If this proves to be a stable setup, I plan on using it as much as possible.

I'll let you know how the weekend goes...

-Tim T

Scott Raymond:
Christian Tepfer wrote on Thu, 10 February 2011 12:23

Here is a link to the video, maybe it can show something, even when it is in german:

Thanks, Sascha, for putting this online.

Thanks for adding the link Christian!  I was in a hurry yesterday and didn't take the time to find it.  I also edited my post as I thought it sounded a bit negative when I re-read it.  Sascha did a nice job with it and I got a good idea of how well it works!


Tim Tyler:
I used (& provided) last Fri an ipad/mixpad with R72/idr32 for a club gig, 5 pc band, who provided PA & monitor setup.  Wireless router was Netgear N300 (wnr2000).

The ipad connected quickly, the mixpad program is well thought out and responsive, easy to see in low light conditions, smooth with no quirky or jerky response.  Tap a channel to select, double tap to bring up or release a mix, from either an input or output.  Full eq available, dynamics, plus all regular channel adjustments.  I especially like the "custon" strip area that allows you to group any channels you like (on the ipad only) to have important channels available with one "tap".  I put the 2 lead singers, the FX & Mains DCAs (for fader use & muting) on the custom area.  

The next night was an 8 pc oldies/horn band (in a ballroom/tall permanent stage) with whom I have 5 yrs experience as their regular provider.  iLive-T112/idr48, 8 monitor mixes from foh (channels split).  I had been mixing this band on an LS9/32, so I needed to rough up the monitor mixes (from memory) as best I could.  Using the mixpad on stage to set up the monitors (vocals, primarily) was WAAAAY easier than using a laptop, and 10-15 seconds per mix was all I needed to get a strong, nice sounding response.  My basic system is to set up a basic monitor vocal channel (hipass-150hz, push 125hz about 6 db (shelf), push down 250hz about 4-6db (medium bell), copy to all monitor vocal channels, then speak into each mic and adjust the eqs as needed, per singer... remembering what they have liked previously.  I then lower the gain on a couple of the mics so the performers can have the pleasure or asking for more and then getting it...

I didn't use the ipad during this show, I walked the room early in the first set, no issues.

I don't own any Apple gear other than an ipod touch and the ipad, have not read the manual on either of these, and have had the ipad less than a week prior to this post.  I don't know if there is a manual for the mixpad app (hoping...), it's pretty obvious, even to me!

My opinion is that this system is a viable mixing alternative to the surface in many cases, and is a valuable tool for monitor setup.  I plan on having the ipad on all future gigs with the ilives.

-Tim T


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