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Blown drivers in Danley SM60F

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leon garrity:
Hello Ivan,

just to reiterate i have changed

my desk
cables both rack and loudspeaker all made by a pro not me.
had my amps checked out by certified Lab Gruppen specialist.
changed my processor from UX8800 to BSS Omnidrive 366T.

All because i thought it might be something that i had in the chain.
The SH100 TH115 all work fantastic but the SM60 something has gone a rye with them.Now i was beginning to go pretty stir crazy until someone PM'd me over the passive curcuit boards in the SH50's Problems with them back in 2008? Now for one minute i don't say that Danley is nothing but an unreal sounding box but one thing is this, out of all the crossovers that you guys make to go into your boxes do you think that maybe just maybe a couple of dodgy boards slipped through and some guy over in the UK may have just the faulty pair.I know and understand your faith in your product but last year 5000 BMW 5 series cars were recalled with a fault,3 years ago Toyota the same.I know cars and speakers are in a totally different ball park but manufacturing is not foolproof.In one of the newspaper articles a customer bought a Danley box and there was a fault with one of the boards,you guys were prepared to ship either a new box or a new board to the customer.
This fault only happens when the system has been on for a while and been used and what i mean by that is turned up( not to the point of clip or ridicoulous usage)

kind reguards Leon

leon garrity:
Hello again,

we use live bass,rest is on track (backing Track) now for 16 years i have used the same musical format,on minidisc until laptop for the last 4 years,and in that time i have used D&B C6/C7 EAW KF695z/SB625.Turbo Sound plus a very early peavey rig and a couple more,EV SX300,GAE from Germany now i have never blown any drivers in any of those systems i have always maintained my gear and when i have sold it and moved on the equipment has always been in good shape both audibly and cosmeticaly.
It is difficult but i am 4000 miles away just one thing to tell you i use the SH100 as a centre speaker from the same desk from the same cables from the same processor from the same amps and possibly same loudspeaker cables.............but hey that has not blown.It has worked fantastic and maybe had more power in it sometimes than the rated 300/600 watts.



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