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more mixes on a LS9

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Peter Dakin:
with recent updates on the LS9-32, I'm a little behind the times.
I know with the M7cl now, you can have sends on faders for matrix and add things individually to a matrix sends. Effectively giving you a 24 bus desk.

However with the LS9 it used to be the case that you could only send to a matrix, from a output bus? Is this still the case?

Basically the issue I have is I have a show coming up on monitors where I need 15 mixes and 2-3 Fx sends for reverb. The reverb sends are from drums and vocals, so its not really possible to use insert points to trigger the verbs.

Any thoughts? I'm hoping that the LS9 now allows sends to matrix from individual channels, which I can then use for my FX sends.


Hayden J Nebus:
If you have open channels and fx sends are discrete, e.g. lead vox verb, you could split the headamp to 2 channels and insert fx on one.

I'm still on old firmware, so Im unsure about sends on fader to mtx. I would check with yamaha support.

Can you foldback a wet fx return from the FOH desk? That's usually how I cope when out of facilities in monitor world.

Peter Dakin:
sadly the three FX sends are artistic specific, hence not going with your insert idea. I had thought about it and its my get out jail reserve work around...

Artist 1 likes a big hall on key items (e.g. vox, bv's, acst and strings)
Artist 2 like a small plate on his vox and guitar.
FX 3 is drum plate across kit and acoustic instruments and is dialled into everyone else's mixes.

its not the sends-on-fader that interests me (though that'd be handy), its the ability to send individual channels to a matrix, as opposed to just a output.

Thanks for the input. Pun intended!  

Bennett Prescott:
I think the limitation is more the number of mixes you can juggle on that interface. Even if it could do 48 mixes, if you're doing more than 6 (or maybe that many stereo mixes) you're using the wrong tool, or giving your client too much.

Rick Stansby:
You still can't send individual channels to matrices on the LS9.

Assuming this board is only being used for monitors, you might be able to come up with some creative panning and routing to use the left, right, and mono as 3 more aux sends.

Of course Bennett is right that a bigger mixer would be the best solution.


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