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Anyone seen the Puck 3?

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Matt Melberg:
I will have to double check on that.  We get all of our information from Blizzard, so what's on our site may be preliminary data that is now outdated.  Also a possibility that the data entry monkeys we employ didn't have enough coffee that day and put it in wrong!  The product manual on the Regular puck states 3920, the RGBA is supposed to be 3000, and the new tri is 6500. Sorry for the confusion!  

Matt Melberg:
Oh, and just saw your other post on the new forum.  I am always suspect on these lux specs anyways, seems to me like it's real easy to fudge the numbers to look better etc.  I would go by real world experiences like the other poster about the slimpars.  If the slimpars are brighter, they should be because they are $50 more expensive (map price anyway).  You could make the argument that for another $20 (again MAP pricing) you can get the Puck 3s which are probably twice as bright.  Your mileage may vary of course...

Steve Hurt:
btw, the Performance LED site shows the Puck 3 as being a RGBA light using 10mm LED's.  Might want to fix that.

Matt Melberg:
Damn monkeys again!  Fixed.  Thanks for the heads up Steve.

PM'ed you.

Matt Harris:
The torrent 90 spot says "30w LED" on this page. ads.html



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