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Anyone seen the Puck 3?

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Steve Hurt:
Just saw this:   ights.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl &product_id=105&category_id=9

9 three watt tricolor LED's per light
$199 per light
6500 lux at 1 meter

The specs look killer.

Any real life experience with it?

<edit> it is RGB, not RGBA there are errors on Blizzards's web site

Matt Dittman:
Figures, two weeks after I got my Puck RGBA's...

Oh well.

Steve Hurt:
Their website is wrong, they are only RGB, not RGBA.

Still like to hear from anyone who's used it.

I love how fast lighting & LED technology is progressing!

Matt Melberg:
Hey, Matt from performance LED here.  The RGBA up in the top right hand corner of that page is the next product listing shortcut.  Although, I do need to do some editing on that product description!  Yes indeed they are only RGB, but according to Will from blizzard, they will do a superior white to other RGBs.  He did a new video comparing the differences in all the Puck models:

I am going to get my hands on a few and try them out at my next band gig.  I am curious to see how they compare to my existing RGBAW par cans for front lighting.

Steve Hurt:

On your website the Puck (standard Puck, not the Puck 3 or Puck RGBA) is listed with a rating of 2220 lux at 1 m

On Blizzard's site, it is listed as 3920 lux at 1m

Who is right.  (My guess is your site is correct)


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