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Scanners vs. Movers


Zach Zaba:
I'm sure this is an entirely subjective manner and as far as the definition for the fixtures themselves I understand the differences BUT I was curious to personal experiences.

For example I have had better luck finding the "rotating gobo" effect affordably for scanners but find that only the higher end LED movers include this. I really enjoy this feature for lower tempo jams/improv sections and find it a hell of a lot more feasible to afford 4 of them in the near future (although I frickin love the LED movers).


Duane Massey:
Zach, I use both in my installs, and the choices are getting better. I tend to use scanners more often, as they are faster and less expensive, but until recently there were few LED scanners w/ rotating gobos. Most of my clients are bottom-line oriented, so anything over  $1k is a tough sell, but ADJ/Elation has some new fixtures that fit the needs. Check out the Vizi LED Spot: ItemNumber=2001

MAP is $ 749.95

Matt Melberg:
Also check out The Blizzard Polaris Spot.  It has rotating gobos and a prism with a 30watt LED source for $629.99 MAP. ads.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&a mp;product_id=20&category_id=6

I have 4 of these in my personal rig and love them.  Does the "Gobo rotated beams through the fog" thing really well.  
Some of the Chauvet units are well below $1k and do that as well.


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