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Bracket to mount dimmer on vertical pole?


Mike Miller:
I have some Ultimate Support TS-99 stands, each with a pair of 2' horizontal members, each with a pair of source four pars mounted.  Currently, the dimmers are NSI DDS5600 with a C clamp.

My problem is that there not enough room in between the inner most par can and the stand to hang the dimmer pack.

So I'm looking for a bracket that would mount to the vertical pole of the stand (about 1.5" o.d.) and extend horizontally a few inches, from which I could mount the dimmer.  That would allow me to position the dimmer in the center, behind the cans, to allow free movement of the cans and still be close enough to be able to plug all the cans directly into the dimmer.

Any ideas?

Stuart Pendleton:
Buy a 1.5" O clamp and attach the dimmer where the T bars come across so it can't slide down at all even if it loosens a bit.  I had the same issue with my T bars on top and used 2" O clamps to attach the box to the cross bar.  Works fine.

Phil LaDue:
Would something like this work?

Mike Miller:
O clamps worked like a charm.  Thanks for idea Stuart!



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