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Looking to buy 2 Analog consoles

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Robert Pham:
If you have a 40 (min.) to 48 channels full functional consoles not being used much, let's talk.
I am putting together a FOH / MON system for a client oversea. They insist on analog consoles.
Please email me what you have and pricing too.
email: premiereaudio at yahoo

Rob Ottaviano:
Don't know if it still available? Sweet sounding desk at great price.,362.0.html

john abney:
Two consoles from one seller that may just fit your needs:

I've had experience with both of these (actual) boards and they are in very good condition.

I'll send you an email and PM with more information.



Cliff Baucom:
I have just what you are in need of.  I have a Studio Live 40 channel Mixer with 40 channel meter bridge, and a ATA Road Warrior Case.  This unit has been used for aprx. 90 hours and is in mint condition.  Original price was $4,490.54, I will consider any reasonable offer.

Thank You
Cliff Baucom (owner)
Changing Tides Studio & Pro Audio
Office# 573-793-2079

Loren Jones:
I have a Soundcraft SM20 48 channel monitor desk and an Allen and Heath ML5000 48 channel for FOH.  Both installed at a church when new and never moved since.  Still in weekly use but considering change to digital thus the sale.  No cases.  Single PSU for each.  Some comps and FX available as outboard.

Let me know and we'll make a deal.

Loren Jones
lorenmjones at


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