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LED Drape/Curtain installed - to a ceiling


Rain Jaudon:
Did one of these last year and it nearly killed me.  Room was wide open.  Ceiling only had a few can lights to work around too.

I started on one end of the curtain, tacked it up to the ceiling and we put wood "tack strips" every 4' to minimize sag in the middle.  

This one we are doing now is a bit different.  There are permanent tables below us and we don't quite have a 20x13 foot area to work with.  Its an old building.  Drywall ceiling and I HOPE I can locate solid wood behind it.  Being extremely old construction it could be a guessing game.  There will be 2 can lights and a HVAC vent that I need to work around this time, plus we need to fold an end back due to two ceiling fans that are in the way.  So the space is no longer square. (like the last one)

I've considered building a frame on the floor, mounting the curtain to it, and then lifting it up all at once.  Alas, that may take a dozen guys and I don't have that many on hand.  Tops I'll have 4.
This is the curtain we are hanging on the ceiling.  

Here are a few pics of the other one we installed:


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