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Dmx Laptop Specs

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Zach Zaba:
I've been having trouble finding specs for what is needed to confidently set up a PC DMX set up. I'm more used to audio softwares that spell out exactly what's needed but as a general rule what am I looking for:

1GB or 2 GB?
Processor Speed?

Ray Cerwinski:
Depends on the actual software....

What do you plan on using?

Zach Zaba:
Most likely Freestyler but wouldn't most of the softwares be about the same as far as system requirements.

Anyone else care to share their set up (laptop, interface/ software)


James Feenstra:
as with anything computer based, the faster the better

it will really come down to how much data you're processing at once

if you're running 80 moving fixtures, dl2/3s, media servers, LEDs and a bunch of other stuff, you probably want something as fast as you can possibly get

if you're running a couple of par cans and moving lights, it really doesn't matter

waldo [Casey Williams]:
I would guess it is very much dependent on the software and how much GUI whistles and bells it has.

The DMX spec is 250kb per second, for a full universe. That is not a lot of data. So for the simple task of just putting out the DMX signal, that is a lot less taxing than listening to an audio file on your laptop.

My second guess is that turning off wi-fi, optimizing your machine, etc, are more important than simple processor speed.



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