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In wall speakers


Stephen Payne:
We are remodeling our local theatre. They want to put speakers in the newly expanded lobby area. There is going to be a small stage area suitable for a duo or singer songwriter. Also a speaker may want to talk from that area if they rent the space for a small meeting. It's a historic building and the architect says we can't go into the ceiling and there's only two walls we can use. Depth behind the drywall will only be 4". Two problems. 1 They wont allow any surface mount speakers and the have to be flush mount in the wall.
2. In addition to background music, announcements etc. they want something to handle the light music duties.
I've seen some JBL control series and also speakers made by a company called Inwall.
I'm just beginning the search and have a few months but I'd really appreciate any advice that could help me on this project.

Brad Weber:
Atlas Sound, Tannoy and others as well as many home theater speaker manufacturers offer in-wall speakers that fit in a standard 3-1/2" depth stud cavity.

On one historic renovation project we had some of the tin ceiling sections custom perforated and mounted the speakers behind them, I've also used the same concept but with acoustical ceiling tiles for some highly finished office spaces.

Stephen Payne:
Thanks Brad.

Bob Cap:

These might not work in this application. But check them out for future in wall applications.

Bob Cap
Advanced Audio Inc
Gilbert, MN


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