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Allen & Heath ZED-24


Dave Dermont:

Although I have owned it for over a year, I finally had a chance to bring my Allen & Heath ZED24 mixer out into the wild.

The ZED 24 is a small mixer with 16 mic/line inputs and four stereo line inputs. There are two pre-fader auxiliaries and two post fader auxiliaries. None of the auxiliaries are pre/post switchable.

The USB I/O can send audio to a computer from either a pair of auxiliary sends (1/2 or 3/4) or the main mix. The main mix USB send can be pre or post the main faders. USB audio is sent from a computer to stereo input four. The USB audio I/O can be used for recording, playback, or as an effects send/return with the effect being whatever plug-in you can run on your favorite flavor audio application. The ZED 24 comes packaged with Cakewalk Sonar LE.

It's got got some nice 100mm faders, which are a joy to push. This is especially true if you get stuck using a mixer named after a city in Italy or the small mixers made buy the popular USA manufacturers that use shorter faders. The channel EQ is a three-band type. The single sweepable midrange has a range of 120Hz to 4kHz

An important thing to keep in mind is that the ZED 24 sells for less than $700.00. Despite the low price, it's big enough to do a lot of gigs. It's also small enough to carry under one arm.

So far, I have used the mixer at a couple fund-raising gigs for the new local community radio station, and for the outdoor stage at my home town's First Night celebration on  New Year's Eve.

If you need a mixer with 16 microphone inputs, and two monitor sends and two effects sends are enough for what you want to do, then the Allen & Heath ZED 24 is something worth looking at. It's the biggest little $700.00 mixer out there.


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