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Closing up shop- A formal goodbye

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Chris Gruber:
+1 Evan. I have learned so many things from so many people on here, including you. I think that slow motion train wreck describes this best and I am also looking forward to the "Other" options that I am sure will pop up. Losing all the knowledge is the true tragedy though. Good Luck with all you future ventures Evan and We'll see you around. Peace.

Pat Latimer:
Tim McCulloch wrote on Tue, 11 January 2011 14:10

The jack-boot treatment here at the end confirms my suspicions that the ownership of this site is misguided at best and utterly clueless at worst.

I'll miss you guys, but I hear of alternatives lurking around the corner.

Tim "disgusted" Mc

Please, please, let us know if there are alternatives. I really hate this. The knowledge I've gathered from this place has been invaluable. To see it ripped away with a fell keystroke is disheartening to say the least. That's all I have to say about that. I feel a "lock", coming on soon.

Pat "wish there was another way" Latimer

Scott Raymond:
Art Welter wrote on Tue, 11 January 2011 12:01
Thanks, Evan.
It was fun being part of the Magnificent Seven .


You were in the movies too?


P.S.  This is in your neck of the woods...ever seen it? estial-Sphere?

Ned Ward:
Tim McCulloch wrote on Tue, 11 January 2011 11:10

The jack-boot treatment here at the end confirms my suspicions that the ownership of this site is misguided at best and utterly clueless at worst.

I'll miss you guys, but I hear of alternatives lurking around the corner.

Tim "disgusted" Mc

I'd venture that if enough fed-up folks emailed these "people" who are responsible, they might change their minds.

Advertising Inquiries
Mark Shemet
Senior Online Sales Manager

Editorial Inquiries
Keith Clark

Executive Publisher
Kevin McPherson
508-663-1500, Ext. 264

ProSoundWeb is owned by:
EH Publishing, Inc.
111 Speen Street, Suite 200
P.O. Box 989
Framingham, MA 01701-2000
Phone | 508.663.1500
Fax | 508.663.1599

I'm sure the ad sales manager will be thrilled by the lowered page counts he'll have to try to get ad dollars for with the new site. Really makes that ROI kind of hard to accomplish.

Ned Ward:
here's the copy of the email I sent to the above-mentioned gentlemen. Feel free to copy and use if you'd also like to respond.

Dear Sirs:

As one of the users of the PSW SR Forums, I've learned a ton of information from other LABsters as well as been able to help out others. It's been a site I visit at least 4x a day, spending at least 1 hour on the site total.

While I understand there may have been financial reasons to change over to a new server, I think you'll find that it's being handled in a less-than professional manner, with little to no caring for or understanding of what the users want.

Archived discussions - the current srforums.prosoundweb articles, be it in the LAB, LAB Lounge, Road Test, Basement are a treasure trove of searchable (by google) information that allows most of our questions to be answered by searching - no members of this board like or tolerate having the same question asked over and over again. Please make the effort to have these old messages archived and made part of the new board.

Ad pages taking over 1/3 of the page, poor layout - the "new" software feels like we're back in 1998, but also takes up so much space for web advertising that it makes it difficult to read on laptop screens or smaller. Most of your viewers are reading these on a gig - on a laptop, ipad or iPhone. I can understand you're hoping to monetize your web investment; like every other company, good luck. The people this site attracts either aren't interested in the articles or they've written them or better.

I'd suggest that you peruse some of the feedback people have to the new site at forums.prosound.web as well as the number of people who aren't planning on making the jump; I would surmise that unless your company does some serious effort in customer relations, you're going to find your ad manager has even lower page counts to use in selling ad space.

Great sites will get great page views; the current site leaves considerable to be desired (i'm putting it as lightly as I can) and your ad revenue will decline and continue in February when you shut off the old site - people will not just simply migrate because you tell them to, but will find better sites that are managed better and are more customer-focused. A new site without the great information from the current PSW is just another site, and all of us are too tired to repopulate the entire thing for you gratis.

Heck, I'm sure if you asked users if they'd pay a nominal amount ($10 a year) you'd be able to recoup significant costs, moreso than your paltry ad click revenue actuals.

Ned Ward


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