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Closing up shop- A formal goodbye

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Mike Butler (media):
All the best, Evan. See ya on Facebook and everywhere else.

Grant Conklin:
Evan was banned for this?  Seriously?

TJ (Tom) Cornish:
Jeff Wheeler was the one banned, and for a lot more than this - he was actively attempting to undermine PSW's operation here.  I may have missed something, but I believe Evan is just expressing his opinion that the forum is not worth his time anymore in light of recent changes, and is not banned.  His post was before Doug announced that content would be retained, so hopefully he and others will now make the choice to stay, since this was the major sticking point.

Doug Fowler:
Grant -

We will put up with only so much of "if this shit continues I'm out of here", or "here's a poll, who wants a new forum", or (insert any counterproductive garbage here).

Evan was clearly disgruntled, made his feelings known, dismissed himself from PSW and he won't be returning.

Too bad he couldn't wait five minutes until I could put up the announcement about preservation of the old forums in some searchable fashion.

Whatever.  Good luck, Evan.

-doug, PSW moderator


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