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Bar trying to stiff me on an install...what are my options


Scott Carneval:
Unfortunately I don't have a signed contract for this job, it was for a friend who is now giving me the runaround.

I installed a simple PA, 4 powered speakers, a sub, and a processor, at a new bar/restaurant.  It is being used for ipod/pandora during the day and DJ's at night.

Long story short, I agreed to let them pay me half up front and deferred the other half for a month to allow them time to open and generate revenue.  Install date was Nov 10th, so the final payment should have been made on Dec 10th but instead I got the runaround, then finally I was told they were expecting a huge turnout on NYE and they would pay me after.  Several calls and texts exchanged since NYE and still no payment.  

I know I can physically remove the processor and sub in about 5 minutes and that will cover most of what I'm owed, but what is the best LEGAL way to go about this?

John Roberts {JR}:
Maybe talk to a lawyer about placing a (workman's?) lein on their property. While a contract would be useful in court.

I lawyer might write a threatening letter that could shake loose a payment.

You can't get blood from a stone... can you work out an installment payment from them that they can handle, or some way to get paid in trade?


Duane Massey:
been there, done that, you're pretty much screwed unless there is a fair amount of $$ involved, or at least enough to sic a lawyer on them. JR's right, try to get what you can through a payment plan. Unless they have a bordello upstairs (or you're a heavy drinker), taking it it trade might be a long-term affair.

Entering into a business deal is a great way to ruin a friendship.


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