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W Audio SM12A Active Monitor


Rick Byers:

More Photos can be found here: 2342/

Background: I have a small rig (QSC HPR) I use for my band, but only have 2 monitors.  I’ve been after and extra monitor (or 2) for some time, and was looking for powered, small (footprint) cabs.
A friend of mine bought the passive version of this on a flyer, as B Stock, mainly on price.
It turned out to be a pretty good buy.
The cab is painted ply, seems very well built and designed; has a 12” coax driver, with 1” compression driver in there, and a solid, recessed & foam backed grill.
I decided to take a flyer on the powered version, as I no longer have any separate amps.
The only downside is the brand, which I’d never really heard of before and was expecting a fairly generic Far East bit of kit.
I have to say the initial driver for this was the build quality of the passive cab, and the price (

Adam Finlayson:
I used to have a rack of old W-Audio DA800 amps.  Non stop problems with them.  Although saying that, they do seem to have raised their game, looking at that monitor.  Looks reasonably well constructed.  I'm not so sure about the huge amp module on the back though, I wouldnt want to have them at the front of a stage with the controls and cables so accessable to the crowd, although I doubt this would be a problem for bar and club style jobs.

Good luck with the wedges and make sure report back when you've got a couple of gigs under your belt with them, would love to hear how they perform in a combat audio enviromnet.

Rick Byers:
I bought it knowing it was a cheapie, and the amp module is where most powered monitor modules are, so no difference there.

I am happy about the foam backed grill though as my HPR122i's don't have that, and I am always worried about drint spillage!!

You're right on the combat front - that's the next test for it.

Rick Byers:
Gig update.

OK, I've had the monitor for a while now, and have done quite a few shows with it, with my band, playing classic metal.

I've used it as a main vocal monitor and as a secondary monitor, to some QSC HPR 122i's.

It cuts through very well, needs a bit of EQ to get the best from it, but holds up nicely.

I need to find some covers for it, as the coating isn't as durable as the QSCs, but at this price point, it's as good as I hoped for.

The small form factor is a winner, and as it's a coax 12", the monitor angle is good.

It's light weight and goes loud enough for a noisy stage in small venues.

So far then, it's a thumbs up from me.


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