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Clarification of terms

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John Roberts {JR}:
A clear consequence of absence of market forces and loss of focus on end results that we have in spades when spending our own money, or the missing negative consequences that come home to roost when a for-profit entity spends unwisely.

Public sector spending is very poorly managed and subject to fraud much more so than private sector spending. Another major source of public sector inefficiency.  


Al Clayton:
Ivan Beaver wrote on Fri, 07 January 2011 21:48

If the spec is that poorly written, then as long as you adhear to the spec, you have fulfilled your part.

Now if there is some other part of the spec that defines performance, you need to follow that.

I see specs all the time that really don't give any real guidance.

I really wonder who writes this stuff.

Usually the same guy that wrote the spec for the exit signs and electric toilet flushers.


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