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LA 400 + SH-50

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Ivan Beaver:
Jeff Bailie wrote on Fri, 28 January 2011 09:36
Ivan Beaver wrote on Thu, 27 January 2011 06:42
Tim Padrick wrote on Thu, 27 January 2011 01:37
Jeff Bailie wrote on Sun, 09 January 2011 18:37

Why are they growing hair?

There was this one gig-it was late at night-and dark-and somebody had a bit much to drink - and-weeellllll you know what happens    

I have 6 with Fabric Fur, and 6 without.  People really enjoy the Furry ones more.  As soon as I have some cash on hand I'm going to Fur the other 6.

I know It seems funny to a lot of the Pros out there who only like to use there ears.  But I like to point out that Tony Andrews paints his cabinets Purple and Silver for another good reason that has nothing to do with sound.  *MONEY*
 The truth is, the furry ones make more money than the non-furry ones. Weird huh?

  I also think the aesthetics of the Sh50 is something to point out. It's beautiful to look at...  One of the reasons I purchased the Sh50s was because I could instantly see the true point source nature of the cabinet. To me the Sh50 is more pleasing to look at than any other speaker on the market.

  I also think it makes since to have all those speakers in the same horn. Something that in my opinion makes Tony Andrews sweet purple cabinets less sweet. I don't like how I can physically see the separate horns for the highs and mids. For some reason seeing separate sound sources makes me feel like I can hear separate sound sources.

Sorry for my rant.

Sound is not a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Fabric Fur is. But it is questionable.      

Well it makes you stand out and helps people remember you.

"Man, that guy with the fuzzy bass cabinets, his system is awsome!" type of thing.


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