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Author Topic: danley subs to danley tops time alignment/phase align  (Read 25514 times)

Ivan Beaver

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Re: danley subs to danley tops time alignment/phase align
« Reply #30 on: January 18, 2011, 08:04:11 AM »

leon garrity wrote on Mon, 17 January 2011 09:04

Hi Mark,

I think in this instance its not whether the boxes are at fault but down to the usb connection from laptop to external soundcard.which i have used ever since getting my EAW rig....
My first realization that something was not correct when people start commenting that something doesn't sound right.However because you are using the equipment to the best of your ability you carry on so to speak.You check all cables,check PC,check drivers,amps,still utilizing the laptop as its my source for work purposes.Then i came to the conclusion it must be the rig.I  purchase the Danley rig,firstly test it with a Cd player and some different genres of music,Sting,Pavarotti.Sounded ace.
Then go to work as normal,taking for granted that your laptop is doing its job via the souncard.But one thing i notice is from the very beginning i am having to drive it so very hard,hard as i mean push the Lab amps to the point of clip.If i run it low its pointless..Ending with blown horns.........not good!
Then three weeks ago an artiste freind who also is a very good engineer says "something don't sound right in your system" this then got my cogs turning and wanted to understand why why why?

Impossible two world class rigs can sound bad (unless i was bad in a past life)Ive also changed from EAW UX8800 to BSS minidrive.So whilst at the gig on Saturday night,after the first set i disengaged external soundcard,using internal soundcard taking source from headphone jack......Low and behold i have a rig.......

Reguarding the Danley top box,it is amazing,fair enough outside dispersion it drops off in level etc but due to the scary pattern control.In this case my findings are user stupidity,not checking every element for granted and thinking that it has to be something you can either hear or see.From my research of this last conclusions are USB is for printers not audio.
kindest reguards Leon.

Glad you found the problem.

But don't just blame the tool (USB), it is more likely how it is being used that is the problem.  Different clock rates or something like that.
For every complicated question-there is a simple- easy to understand WRONG answer.

Can I have some more talent in the monitors--PLEASE?

Ivan Beaver
dB Audio & Video Inc.
Danley Sound Labs
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