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Joseph White:
I have an application for some low profile, high output subs. I need to try to keep my sub array below 17" so they don't rise above stage level. I need to hit about 400 people with 110db or so. The venue is a long story that I don't want to get into.

Has anyone used or installed the JBL ASB6125 dual 15" subs? They fit my application perfectly on paper and the specs look very good. Since they are so new I will have a hard time getting a demo so I might have to buy them without hearing them. Any surprises I need to know about? Are they as punchy and powerful as they look?

I am open to other suggestions for high output subs the fit under 17".

Thanks in advance for you input.

Joseph White

Grant Conklin:
Hello Joseph -

I don't have any experience with this particular JBL, but another possibility is the Fulcrum-Acoustic US212.  Similar specs in a much smaller cabinet: rev-3.pdf

What is the distance from the subwoofer to the farthest row that you want to hit with 110db?


Caleb Dick:
Demo the Danley TH-Mini as well. One of the best tiny subs on the market in my opinion.

Adam Kane:
Grund Audio has the LPB series subs that are all 17" or smaller and sound very good. Single 18", double 18", or double 12" options are available.

I've use the 2x12 and the single 18 and they both sound very good. If the 2x18 is anything like the single 18, they should rock as the single 18 I used had far more output than I thought possible from a box that size. GTS

Duane Massey:
Why does any manufacturer not include meaningful specs with their products? It's impossible to evaluate a speaker without real numbers unless you can actually demo one in a real-world environment.


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