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Any Dallas AV Companies Hiring?


Chris Hunt:
I'm looking to get out of my current career and into the AV industry.  Been an audio engineer for 12 years and have working knowledge of corporate AV all the way down to small event planning and festival work.  Working as a roadie doesn't interest me, although I do have an understanding that it might be a necessary first step.  I have 10+ years of outside sales and have been in corporate america for a while.    

Any advice on where to start? I live in the Dallas area and know there are several large AV companies here.  The obvious resume submission to these companies has already begun.  Any insider help or comments would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks guys!  

Steve Ferreira:
Have you tried Freeman?

Brad Weber:
You mention "into the AV industry" and having experience as an audio 'engineer' and outside sales, so what kind of company and position are you looking for?

Scott Whigham:
I'm late to this - hopefully you are already gainfully employed - but thought I would mention that, in case you are still looking, you might want to post this over on It's a musician/audio forum for DFW that me and a bunch of locals started back in October. It's still small - 300ish members - but lots of studio folks on there. It might be worth it to ask on there.


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