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Cat 5 Balun issues

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Karl P(eterson):
If your going to bring up active baluns in a professional forum, you should probably mention that magenta research offers some of the best, and the pricing isn't terrible either. Additionally, there are very good products which can be had from the usual suspects (Extron, Kramer, Etc) as well as some of the smaller guys (I own dozens of the SP Controls CatLink Products).

Nonetheless, I usually go straight for active baluns these days due to similar issues.

Karl P

Karl P(eterson) wrote on Mon, 03 January 2011 09:14

Nonetheless, I usually go straight for active baluns these days due to similar issues.

Karl P

Here's the follow up to my balun issues:
First of all, thanks to Mac for the recommendation.  I spent some time educating my ignorance about cable skew and other balun stuff.  But, skew was not the problem on the very short component video run and Key Digital tech support confirmed my suspicion that skew would not be a problem on a run so short.  I ended up putting a Key Digital active balun in that job and solved the problem.  On the other job with the VGA baluns I put in a Gefen active balun as it only required power at the send end which was better for that particular arrangement.  That room won't be in actual use for another month or 2 so I have yet to see if there are other issues but my initial test looked pretty good; ghosting issues were gone.  
I can't recommend the Niles baluns as they have no skew correction and on top of that seem to have some impedance matching problems.  Further, despite their availability on the phone, they did not mention the importance of low skew cable (which certainly could be an issue with their completely passive baluns) and ultimately they did not have real solutions to my issues.  They straight out said that their products simply "might not work".  I understand that caveat emptor is the risk we take with ANY product but they didn't seem to know or even want to try to figure it why these weren't working.  



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