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M7CL v3.5 Firmware and Editor Released

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Langston Holland:
Let me know how it goes and I'll follow suit. In a couple of months. :) 3_frm.html

Marty Bilecki:
  Ditto Lang !!!!!      

Tim McCulloch:
I'm not typically an early adopter of updates/upgrades... but I'm gonna take a chance on this one... after the next couple of shows that BE's are bringing USB sticks for.

A BE that saved a recent show off our M7 (v3.03) tried his save on another vendor's desk and the file showed up grayed-out, with a "?" mark.  He called me to ask about that (and a panic situation, he was just warming me up).  It seems the vendor desk was either version 1.7 or 2.03. and wouldn't load the higher-version file.  He had to start from scratch and his normal 30 min sound check took an hour and a half.  Okay, he's got a show.

The panic was caused by the SE, who offered to save the scene but hit the "recall" button in error.  I guess the recall confirmation wasn't activated in the user profile, because faders moved and setting were changed.  Ouch.  Fortunately, nobody had poked any more scene save/recall buttons because I was able to have him find the "recall undo" function and he got his scene back.  After flogging and flailing the SE, all was good.

Anyone who loads 3.5... I'd love to hear your comments... and I'm keeping a USB stick with v.2 and v.3.03 firmware gaffed to the back of the console.

Have fun, happy holidays!

Tim Mc

Nick Ulrich:
I'll probably be updating the second week of January. We've got two days of tech rehearsal so it seems like a good opportunity to bug hunt.

Christian G├╝ssmer:
if someone really needs to convert a newer version scene to an older (that is a scene saved on V3.02 to desk version V2 or whatever) give my converter a try:

it will not convert the whole session with all settings, but save the time to dial in all the channels again.

(still need to implement V3.5 in the next days)


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