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lab vs dbh

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Tim McCulloch:
Brandon G Romanowski wrote on Sun, 26 December 2010 14:22
I would be interested to hear more about these subs. I have been looking at Danley's website and all his subwoofers seem to spec out really well, yet I have never heard of anyone using them for large scale mobile concert systems.

The thing with Danley is their name is not found on riders.  For the mid-sized providers, rider-friendliness is very important because it's what separates the "real" guys from the posers & wannabes.  For larger & smaller providers, the client is trusting them to use whatever gear makes the right kind & amount of noise.  Any time you have to explain your rig to a BE or PM, no matter how great the stuff is, you're in for a hard time if he's never heard of what you've got.

Danley's primary market is installations, with emphasis on houses of worship.

Have fun, good luck.

Tim "would use Danley in a heartbeat" Mc

Rick Powell:
If good fortune falls our way, there will be a DBH at the Midwest LAB shoot out in February, and probably a LAB will be there as was last year.  So, there may be some subjective reviews coming out afterward (this is a listening exercise, not a SMAART measuring fest).

Gene Hardage:
Since we're talking this vs that - here's one that never seems to get a blip on the sub radar and it should.  I guess must be the only person on this forum that has heard these...

I'd like to hear some other subjective listening opinions regarding them.  

They're easy to transport - relatively small for what they do - don't require any fancy proprietary processing - and they don't cost that much compared to the high end subs that are out there today.

Here are some subjective opinions about them lifted from the link above for those that are too lazy to click...

"When six of the BP-SD21 Sub Engines were used at the 2009 FAMU Homecomming Hip Hop Concert for a ten-thousand person audience the engineer, Reuben James, started off the show using six BP-SD21s and eight double 18" subs. However, early in the show he started turning the double 18"s down and the BP-SD21s up. Eventually he left the double 18"s turned off and did the rest of the show, including the main hip hop act ("Plies"), with the six BP-SD21 Sub Engines. Reuben James made a comment to us that he had never heard so much 30 Hz information out of six single enclosures of that size. He loved the unique bass sound they produced. He said that he was 200 feet away and his shirt sleeves were fluttering."

What they forgot to include is that they powered all 6 off of a single dinosaur MacroTech 5000.  

Ivan Beaver:
Maybe if there were some actual measurement graphs that are properly scaled (SPL wise), that would help to get some kind of comparison.

Maybe there are-but I have not seen any.  Without doing a side by side-that is an easy way to "start" the evaluation.

Gene Hardage:
For now all we have are a few specs on the web site and a few subjective opinions.  I decided to Google Reuben James FOH sound and stumbled into this... ;id=1178

Maybe there is another forumite out there that will surface with yet another first hand subjective opinion.  The only other large deployment of them was for a local 4th of July gig in a park that MOJOE did with their big VerTech rig and 8 of the 21's powered by Powersoft amps.  I don't think they have ever posted on this forum.


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