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Author Topic: Bill Fitzmaurice - Titan 48's & DR300's  (Read 32329 times)

Jeff Wheeler

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Re: Bill Fitzmaurice - Titan 48's & DR300's
« Reply #50 on: December 23, 2010, 03:30:55 pm »

One SRX728S easily bests three Titan 48s.  The BFM folks will claim that the commercial speaker "requires more power" and thus you must invest in expensive amplifiers, but the truth is it takes just as much amplification to run the three to four T48s necessary to compete with one SRX728S.  It also takes a heck of a lot more floor space, truck space, and work to move them around.

This is what the BFM fan-boys miss.  It really does not matter if a group of subwoofers is more efficient at 1 watt if that group of subs maxes out at 600-1200w and give up twice as much to power compression as one commercial sub with higher Pe and substantially less power compression loss.  That is why the BFM designs lose.

It is also why Bill says "power compression" regularly in reference to commercial subs but never, ever in the context of his own units.  The drivers he recommends do not perform well in this regard.
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Donny Collins

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Re: Bill Fitzmaurice - Titan 48's & DR300's
« Reply #51 on: December 23, 2010, 04:25:29 pm »

I've done a small solo/duo dance music act for the past 22 years, usually 200 and under audience, and have only used two pairs of subs before:  EV S-181's then after several years, Mackie S218s.  I was never really happy with either set.  My first post here was actually about the S-181's.  I knew nothing about placement, and what I did know was basically trial and error.  I did get some improvement after I took the tops off the subs and grouped the subs together and worked with their placement as suggested here.  

This past fall I completed my first build of one pair of 18" Tuba 30's, 50 lbs each, loaded with one 3012lf each, powered with 450 watts (600 peak) into 4 ohms for the pair (running off one side of the amp).  That's the most this set should be powered with.  In contrast with the experiences mentioned here, my experience with them has been wonderful and they are working great.  I'm getting extension, volume and throw like never before and I am running them with an amp half the power of my previous one.  Even in a 8500 sq foot room (880 capacity) for a Christmas dance, they were fantastic, really filling the room with headroom to spare, not even engaging the limiter.  That is simply a no frills report on my experience gigging with them.  I've sat in with a church band on a permanent install that had two of the JBL 18" dually's (SRX728S), and of course they sounded great too, but I'm just as impressed with my Tuba 30's, which was very surprising for me in a great way.  I don't know how hard the JBLs were working or what they were powered with, but as far as extension is concerned, the Tubas at least match them.
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