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Make a sticky, please!

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Randy Freemire:
Hi- I was looking through the LAB SUBWOOFER with great interest but haven't seen the overview that I was looking for.  I looked through the stickies, and while it's showing alot of technical details, I didn't see the big picture anywhere.

Would someone make a sticky, something like "LAB SUBWOOFER PROJECT: Big Picture" and include the basics for someone like me that doesn't have a clue how to put all this info in context.

1. Approximately how long it would take for someone with moderate woodworking skills to make one of these boxes.  How about the second one?

2. Is there just one or are there several sizes (they seem huge from what i've seen).  What do they weigh?  What does it take to man handle them?

3. What's the approximate cost for wood, speakers, etc.

4. What do they compare to?

5. Is anyone making parts (such as cutting out all the pieces that you then assemble and glue)?

6. What amplifiers and DSP are used?

I imagine these basic questions are answered if you spent several hours on this site, but I don't know why you'all wouldn't just put an overview Sticky up that answers these very basic questions.

This must be one hellofa subwoofer if it's in the same league as a EAW sub going for a coupla hundred grand!


Tim McCulloch:
Hi Randy-

I suggest you *search* for the stars....

Use Google and append this to your search terms to limit hits to the Live Sound forums-

The info is in here, trust me.

I haven't built the LABsub, but I followed the project from the first comments by Tom Danley, so I can answer a couple of your questions.

There is only 1 size, and it uses only 1 specific model of speaker.  It's a custom job from Eminence and available from Parts Express or any Eminence dealer.  They are "truck-pack friendly", sized at 22.5" x 45" x 45" and weigh around 230-250#.  Some folks say theirs weigh more...

Depending on materials, methods and finish, the cost per unit has been reported between $600-$800 each but those are old numbers.  It might well be more now.

These compare favorably with Speakers You've Heard Of

Oskar Rei:
I'll try to answer questions Tim McCulloch hasn't.

1) For me it took about 3 days to build the first, but it's possible to build approx. 1 in a day, when using right equipment and cutting pieces out for many subs once. The measuring and preparations for cutting takes most of the time, because every mm is cautious.
So for me 3 days to finish the box without cutting the metal access panels and paintwork.

3) From hard plywood, i got my box weighting 280lbs, considering access panels and drivers weight 10kg each. But it's possible to make it a lot lighter. I didn't also cut away the excess material from the back side.

2) Actually there are several LABhorn designs with slight modifications, but the best is still thought to be the first one, which blueprints are here in prosoundweb site. Also there are half labsubs, which use only one driver and maybe are more user friendly in smaller applications.


Randy Freemire:
Tim and Oscar,
Thanks for the replies!

Wow, that's quite the box!  As I've been doing research for getting monitors/foh for a band, a top concern has been size and weight.  At 230-280#, and with that form factor, that's an awkward beast! Obviously casters are part of the design, and a buddy is required.  
I'd be curious to know what the lightest version of this sub is (without compromising performance)?  
So a half sub is the same size box but with fewer drivers?

So,I guess the question here would be, in order to achieve the tight, loud, low low bass this box is capable of, what comparable products are out on the market?  
Does it require something massive like this to achieve such remarkable results?  

The ones I'm familiar with (from forums) are much smaller units like the JBL PRX 618xlf, various Yorkville subs (most around 100#s and less than $1,000), and those obviously don't go near the sub 30hz range.  I saw a post comparing it to a massive eaw box (KF940), and that sucker costs over 2 HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!  That boggles my mind.  
But Tim said it out performs subs costing 3x's as much, so say commercially available subs in the $2,500-$3,000 range, right?

And what kind of spl at different frequencies are achieved?  I'm a little confused on this as sometime people talk about full space and half space measurements, not sure what they mean.

As far as building it, it looks pretty tricky.  I checked out various build photos, and there's lots of curves and strange clamping angles.  I guess it's one of those things that looks intimidating, but once you've actually done one it's not so bad.
So Oscar, when you say every mm is cautious, do you mean that in order to get all these strange angles to line up, you've got to be super precise?  

So, if this is a passive box with speakers, nothing else, what kind of wattage does it take to get the full sound out of this sub?  
Are there specific amp models that have found favor for this sub?
And the DSP?
That must be on hellofa 12" speaker to perform like that- but 2 are used, right?
Is this design/speakers efficient compared to other subs in this league (which of course becomes an issue when blowing fuses and paying the electric bill for a show).
Tim, when you say $800, that's just for the finished box; with an amp and dsp I imagine the figure is closer to $1,500?

Thanks for the replies!!!  A sticky with these kinds of questions answered would be most appreciated for new folks like me!


Jeff Bailie:
Hi Randy..

I hung out and read this forum from end to end for about a year before I decided to go for it.

I have 12 Labhorns now. They averaged about $1000 each to build.

When I started I had never used a table saw before. The first 6 took me almost 2 months to build, and I worked 8 hour days.  

I know there are a lot of choices out there. I know there are cabinets that go lower, and louder. You can find cabinets that use 4 times as much power. And you can defiantly find lighter cabinets to drag around. But in my experience, I have never listened to a better sounding Bass Cabinet.  It has very low harmonic distortion. And it's also a long horn length.

I suggest the same as Tim.  Start searching around. The more you read the more you will like the Labhorn...



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