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Best use of an 01V ever!

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Mack McLaughlin:

This might be old news here, but I just saw it and it's funny as hell.  Makes me want to go to work and do something constructive with my 01V.  Right now its holding the door to the shop open.

Bennett Prescott:
I am also a fan of using consoles as toys:

TJ (Tom) Cornish:
Neither of you guys are welcome anywhere near my consoles, at least without a nice supply of replacement faders.  

Clayton Luckie:
Bennett, you really started to get the crowd going with that one!

I always like to play "roll the pen" during those 1 mic events on the M7CL.


John Chiara:
Is the O1v useful for anything? A buddy wants to get 2 to replace a MixWiz/2200 setup.


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