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Cyberlight drops out


Ronnie Shaffer:
   I have 4 cybers that I rented for a couple seasons then bought a couple years ago. One fixture will fire and operate fine for a while then freeze and lose lamp strike. After a short while the mirror starts responding but the lamp doesn't restrike. If I home the fixture, sometimes it will home & restrike, sometimes it will simply freeze. At the suggestion of the previous owner, I have pulled the multipin cable that jumps from power to control boards and cleaned both ends of cable and pins on board with contact cleaner. It helped for a little while but went back to having problems.
   Has anyone had similar issues and successful fixes? I'm to the point where I'm tempted to take it somewhere for service (but most anywhere is a long way from here)
   Using the dedicated controller (which has intermittent display issues) if that matters

duane massey:
Most likely an issue with the power supply PCB. Call Don Pugh at Lightparts in Austin.


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