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HELP!!! with Press/Mult Box Configuration


Justin Thompson:
I have a Harbinger HA80 PA System, and a Whirlwind Press Box 6.

My desire is to output from the PA system's ONLY XLR out to the XLR input on my mult box (not powered).

Problem is, my signal isn't "hot" enough coming out of the PA to register on the mult box and give sound to whoever's plugged into it.

I can't crank up the volume on the PA system, as that cranks up the volume on the PA speakers which of course isn't cool on the ears.

So I'm thinking I need some way to amplify the sound somehow between the PA output and the mult box.  But it has to be XLR in and XLR out.

Any ideas?  I'm a novice at audio, so forgive me if this is 101-type stuff

Ken Freeman:
Yep.  I suggest getting a Press Mite from Whirlwind as this has a gain stage.  You can always slave your existing press patch from this if you need more outputs, or a drop at the cut away platform.


Gus Housen:
I Downloaded the manual- I dont see any xlr out on this unit only a 1/4 unbalanced line out ( am i missing something or do you have some special custom vertion, In fact i cant think of a single powered head that has a xlr out, only TRS). The press box actually cost more than the PA. ( $199 cs $275)

you could use another small mixer (or some other kind of preamp) between the PA80 line out and the press box to increase the gain.


Some of these may work, but you will likly need a trs to xlr male adapter. xers-pro-audio?N=100001+343900+6

Personally i cant think of a single aplication that would require a press box i would trust to a $200 PA package but Have at it.


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