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Where to find 15" cones for ServoDrive BT7?

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Michael Lewandowski:
Cant seenm to locate a source anywhere, anyone got any ideas?

Charlie Zureki:

 Did you do a search here?  In the past year, someone (T.D., Ivan, or John?) had posted a shop that had such items

Good Luck,

Dick Rees:
Try this: ch=Forum+search#msg_522755

Michael Lewandowski:
Dick Rees wrote on Sat, 04 December 2010 18:39
Try this: ch=Forum+search#msg_522755

See, i already did this, only other people trying to find parts, and all companies that ARE mentioned, dont even seem to know what a servodrive is.  

Ben Outerbridge:
Email Brad at Sound Physics Labs. I've bought cones & belts from him before. He's very helpful.


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