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Looking for EV diaphragms - DH1A - ND6x - NDYM1 - part tnumber 81256XX

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Mike Caldwell:
Title says it all, would need to be 8 ohms. Preferably new old stock. Spares left over from cabinets long since gone!
The part number would be 81256XX or the 84234XX would work as well if you have a pair.

Let me know
Mike C.

John Horvath:
Hey Mike.  You might want to add 81256XX, or some places just call in an 81256.  It's the replacement diaphragm for all of the drivers you listed, and many more. gm-81256xx.html

Mike Caldwell:
Thanks for reminding me, I updated the post with a couple part numbers. I always liked the XX in the part number, makes you think their not quite sure what to call it! Thanks fo the link, not a bad price. Got a project coming up where I need to bring some drivers back to life.

Tony Caliento:
Hi Mike, Give us a call. We are a EV service station and give sound company discounts and I may have some used ones that are in great shape

Tony C
ATC Audio
413 781 2327

Teri Hogan:
Hi Mike.  I found two brand new EV diaphragms out on the shelves.  One is what you are looking for, 8 ohm, 81256.  The other is a DH2A (MT format)82816XX.  I'll sell either or both for $10 each plus UPS.


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