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Rigging: audio and projectors on the same truss?


Dirk Belling:
I'm a new member so I'll apologize in advance if this is an old topic; I searched but didn't find it. Anyway, I'm designing a show for a ballroom with limited rigging points and considering flying a line array with subwoofers on the same frontline truss with 2 video projectors. It occurred to me that I don't recall ever seeing this done and I'm concerned about vibration affecting the video. Does anyone have any input based on experience? Thanks.

Milt Hathaway:
I've done it for an event that was 90% speech and 10% light music, and I didn't see any problems, nor did I get any complaints. I probably wouldn't do it for a DJ, but it likely depends upon the audio content you have to contend with.

In my case, the speakers weren't even isolated by spansets. They clamped directly to the truss, as were the projectors. Here's the rig:

Ben Lawrence:
I would recommend trying to isolate your projectors from subs. I have had a few install issues with air handling and ceiling mount projectors. It does not take much vibration at the source to cause your image to shake.

Dirk Belling:
Thanks for the input, guys. I'm dealing with an extremely thump-happy client who likes the music loud and lots of bass, which is what prompted the question in the first place. I've decided to hang line array on separate dead hangs as opposed to sharing the lighting/projection truss.

steven barnes:
I do this regularly for corporate events, but i never fly the subs off the truss. If possible I will fly them from a separate point of they live on the ground.

I typically fly the PA with span-sets (depending on the size of the PA), and safety it with steel.

With flying everything from a single truss you need to make sure your points can support the load you are trying to fly. We always have house riggers that will verify the point we are using, we also carry specs on all equipment flying for accurate weights.


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