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Video Playback

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Silas Pradetto:
Very likely it's a copy protection thing.

Tom Manchester:
Christopher Dean wrote on Sun, 24 October 2010 12:35
It could be the video card for the laptop does not have the power to push video to two sources simultaniusly. Try sending the output to the projector only.  you will not have a display on the laptop but should be able to project your dvd

+1. If you check all the video settings and everything seems right, but it will still not play, this is often the best quick and dirty fix. I'll agree that using a DVD player instead of a laptop is usually the better option as well.

Kellen Tyburski:
Thanks for feedback - sounds like it could be a couple different things.. next time I shall be prepared.

Ken Miller, Jr.:
I always try to rip the DVD to a file before playing. Sometimes DVD's can be somewhat flaky in our industry. I would look into a) renting an actual DVD player or ripping the DVD to file.

Also, what software were you using to play the DVD with?

Bennett Prescott: Protection

That laptop will probably not allow DVD video to be played on a device it does not control.


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