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Video Playback

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Kellen Tyburski:
I've had to subrent a couple laptops recently, and I've come across a problem that I have never seen before... With just a simple Computer --> Projector setup (via vga), when playing a dvd.... I can see playback on the laptop screen, but through the projector I can't see it. I can still see the desktop, etc - but the video shows black. I have a feeling it's a simple fix. Ideas?

Ken Freeman:
Set your display output to mirror.


Milt Hathaway:
Stop using laptops to play DVDs.

If at all possible, anyway.

Kellen Tyburski:
Yeah - It was an In-House thing, with laptop rental so I didnt have much control there. Just seen the problem a couple times only with certain computers.. (assuming its depending on vid card)... Some fixes I have read about since posting:

-Disable Hardware acceleration
-Cycle through output modes

Havnt had a chance to test since, but just wondering if anyone knew exactly why this was happening.

Christopher Dean:
It could be the video card for the laptop does not have the power to push video to two sources simultaniusly. Try sending the output to the projector only.  you will not have a display on the laptop but should be able to project your dvd


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