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Author Topic: Need input from the experts  (Read 2432 times)

Sougato Chatterjee

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Need input from the experts
« on: October 13, 2010, 12:04:34 PM »

I do small live shows. This weekend I have one where there will be about 1000 people. I have not done this size show before. I am wondering if you guys think my equipment below will be sufficient:

1. Venue large church (Ukranian Church in Somerset, NJ; Formal stage at one end. rest is large empty hall. They set up chairs as needed on the floor. See picture.

2. Program type - Misc. Indian classical, Indian Bollywood, drama, dance

3. My equipment:
a) Yamaha S112V one pair for front (on stage, at two sides)
b) Mackie SRM 450 V2 one pair for front (on floor, two sides of stage)
c) JBL MRX 518S two with amps for sub
d) Additional Mackie SRM 1801 powered sub
e) Additional EV QRX 118S 18 in with amp sub
f) Mackie C300Z passive speakers with amps for center channel on stage (mostly vocal mix)
g) Another pair of Mackie SRM450 V2 for side fill speakers - 50 ft from stage
h) Another pair of EV SxA250 powered speakers for 2nd set of side fill - 50 ft from the 1st side fill
i) AH ZED428 mixer
j) On-stage Yamaha are cross overed for high
k) Mackie's & fill speakers play full range, not cross overed
l) EQ, dbx compressor, BBE 882 Sonic maximizer
m) sufficient monitors (6)

Do you think this will be sufficient for such a large venue or do you see any major concnern?

Note that I have done up to 500 people with just one pair of Yamaha and one pair of Mackie SRM 450 with 2 subs. No issue with sound level in an auditorium.

Thank you all in advance for your comments!


Brad Weber

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Re: Need input from the experts
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2010, 05:32:49 PM »

This probably is better addressed in the LAB Lounge section since it is really not AV related.  But I'll offer a few initial comments.

For one, it looks like you have a lot of equipment but you may want to think a bit more along the lines of "less is more".  Without knowing anything about the room or the audience area, I see what at least appears to be a bit of a 'mix and match' with speakers, for example three different 18" subwoofers, two different sets of left and right mains and yet a third type of speaker for a center channel array.  At some point all the different speakers models and locations may be less effective than having fewer speakers.

At the same time, I am not seeing any mention of delays or crossovers despite there being mention of subwoofers and speakers being "cross overed" as well as side fills located 50' and 100' from the stage.  or of multiple channels of equalization to address the variations in the sound and use of the multiple models of speakers.
Brad Weber
muse Audio Video
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