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Soloman Burke

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Gene Hardage:
Rather than just dwell on the passing of another hero, I thought this interview would be an interesting read for fans of both Soloman Burke and Willie Mitchell.  8025383/Solomon-Burke-Ill-sing-as-long-as-I-have-breath.html

a quote from the interview -

“I have 21 children and 90 grandchildren – loving people is what I do.”

We love you too - RIP. ke-clips

edit to add this clip -

look at the production involved with this performance - B3 - harp - horns - throne!

John Livings:
I have enjoyed Solomon Burke for a long time, One of my all time favorites.

One of his Grandchildren Performed at a School Performance a few months ago,
And the "King" Himself shows up.

I moved some equipment so Solomon could have a Front Row Seat.

We talked for 5-10 minutes before the Show, And got a Photo with him, Super Nice
Guy, His music will live on.

Regards,  John

Tom Young:
Very cool.

Fresh Air on NPR played an interview with him today from 1986. 13

John Livings:
Keith Richards is doing a Tribute to Soloman Burke on tonight's Grammys, I hope it does not get cut.

Regards,  John

Bob Lee (QSC):
That was Mick Jagger.


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