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A Review: NPNG DMP-2NW vs. GML 8302


Tyler Burns:
I recently had the luxury of comparing an NPNG DMP-2NW with a GML 8302 over the course of a few weeks at my home studio.  All cabling in this test was Evidence Lyric.

First, I tested the units as synth preamps.  My signal chain was as follows:

synth > DW Fearn PDB > preamp > Fireface 400

I tested both mono and stereo synth sources and to my ears there was no difference between the units with direct input synths.

Then, I tested vocals.  The vocal mic for this test was a MA-201, which is not particularly flattering (and thus, I hope, quite suitable for this test).

While the NPNG and the GML sounded similar, the NPNG captured aspects of my voice that the GML simply did not.  Certain words and syllables were unmistakably clearer through the NPNG and even breathy phrases sounded great.

Though both units are very high quality, I ended up buying the NPNG.  Both have VERY low noise and are extremely "clean" preamps.  I just felt that the NPNG was more "finely tuned" than the GML, if that makes sense.  Try one!


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