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Yamaha LS9 input gain

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Corne Stapelberg:

I need to ask this again, and forgive me because there is a few posts similar to mine already.
I am using my Yamaha LS9 32 for about a year now.  Last night I did a gig, the main act was only a acoustic guitar and vocal (SM58 Shure mic)
Very very good international artist.

Long story short :  During his last song he played a bit louder than during the whole show and sound check and I got digital distortion on the quitar channel ( -6 dB) on the channel strip.

I know -18dB is the way to go.

My dumb questions are the following:
1 :)Are the channel strip level indicator the same as the level when you "QUE" your cahannels to check the input gain?
2 If you run into levels of say also -6dB FS on the outputs of the desk, will I also get digital disortion?
3 Is it normal for a LS9 to give digital clipping at -6dB iput on a channel


Geoff Doane:
Are you sure the clipping is happening at the console inputs?

-6 dBFS shouldn't clip by itself.  The clipping may be happening at a later stage in the console (boosting EQ), or it may be the DI (assuming you're using one) overloading.  I use an LS9 regularly, and haven't had any issues like this, although I typically run the inputs a lot cooler than -6.


Corne Stapelberg:
Hallo Geoff

Thx for the reply.  That is what is concerning me a lot.  My EQ was verry basic with cuts rather than boosts. How can I determine overload at other stages in my console?
I used a Behringer DI100 for a DI box.  No Pads active on it.  It does not have any overload indications on it, and I can therefore not tell if this is where my problem lies?


Andre Garver:
It had to be the D.I. - I used Bear-ringer D.I. a few times at a regular club gig of mine and have gotten the same thing on an extra-hot input.  A nasty spitty and crackling that is very ugly.  With two inputs on the LS-9 and no red lights showing I really doubt the board was clipping.

If you can afford it toss those in the bin and get a few decent D.I.s.  I like to have a few passives and a few actives available for different scenarios.

Joe Brugnoni:
I have had the same issue with behringer Di boxes, I find that I must engage the pad in them most of the time unless it is very soft and constant.


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