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Movers to go with 36/1 watt LED Pars


Montez Carter:
Hello all I am ready to pull the trigger on some movers for my small production company. I have 16 Divine Lighting 36/1 watt led's that I usually hang 8 flown from Applied lifts for a front and 8 for a rear wash and I have 24K of traditional PRT that I usually fly for a front wash if i don't use the Pars. I have been renting Elation 575E's with an Avo Pearl Tiger and this comes with a LD. I would like to purchase my own just to get into programming and for smaller shows.My main clients are one offs R&B/Rap/Latino/gospel and small festivals from 600-3000 mostly. My concern is I do not know which would go with my LED's better a 250 discharge or a 575 discharge I like the Elations but it is hard to compare as they have never been on the same trussing with the LED's or the traditionals as the movers have always been ground stacked down stage or on ground stacked Kf850's. Price is an issue so my main interest is in the Chauvet Legend 550 spot as Northern Sound has a very attractive price on these. I have an Elation Show Designer 2 console. any other suggestions are welcome.

duane massey:
Elation is a better product, and the new generation fixtures are arriving. Just about everyone is offering deals on fixtures soon to be discontinued, so shop around (google is your friend..)


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