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Author Topic: Yet another Kilomax post  (Read 12679 times)

Elliot Thompson

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Re: Yet another Kilomax post
« Reply #20 on: August 05, 2010, 09:14:48 pm »

Art Welter wrote on Fri, 06 August 2010 00:34

On big boxes, the difference between V(total)and the gross exterior dimensions is not much, but on small cabinets the percentage can be pretty high, on a small mid bass ported cabinet the volume taken by the speaker, wood, port, and handles may exceed Vb.

After having some ports end up tuning the box differently than "the plan" said, I now initially make them longer than the plan says, then test the Fb, and shorten as needed.
It is a lot harder to make them longer Crying or Very Sad ...

Art Welter

The last batch of subs I made were 12 cubic feet external, which for me is small.

I do remember Harris-tech software will take the thickness of the wood, the port, bracing and loudspeaker (if you add the dimensions) into consideration. It will even add the insulation in the equation on the overall response.

I had some bad tuning predictions with WinISD when the non-pro version wasn’t available that differed by 10 Hz. I knew something was wrong when the cabinets sounded lower than WinISD (non-pro) predicted.

With the exception of four, all of my subs are rear-ported to minimise any port noise being propagated to the front. It also ensures the cabinets maintains the proper tuning for those who like to stand in front of the cabinets either by pleasure or no other choice.

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Re: Yet another Kilomax post
« Reply #21 on: August 30, 2010, 11:03:44 pm »

I have a couple subs loaded with 2 Kilomax 18s each and although they do not get quite as loud as some newer boxes they do sound pretty darn good.  The boxes are approx 23 cu ft.  I had the original Kilomax 18s and they sucked.  The spiders would come off regardless of the HP filter or power available to them.  I went through several under warranty and finally about three years ago I put all Kilomax 18As in them and it is a completely different situation now.  

I can tell you that I find that a 1400 watt amp gives me just as much output as a 2600 watt amp, if not more.  I HP them at 35-40hz with the LPF at 91hz.  They do not bottom out regardless of the power that I feed them and I have not had a spider come off of the new ones.  I think a lot of the problems with the original kilomax drivers was the silicone adhesive used for the spiders.  The newer ones are so much more bullet proof.  
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