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Bose panaray

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Joe Brugnoni:
I played a job last night and the promotor provided these for the Pa. We are a cover band that does not use amps , just in ear monitors live drums and do everything from old country to sTeely Dan. One  "tower" and two subs on each side.

Venus was about 150 feet deep and 80 feet wide and they system was very imprissive. It really did a great job and surprised the hell out of me, lot of head room and with the subs they had, bose but larger, we had to cut the sub amp back a bit.

I know it would not handle a metal band but it did handle this situation very well!!!

Jordan Wolf:
I'm glad to hear it worked for you.  I know I go into situations like that with some apprehension (much of it based off of the opinions I care about on the forum), but it is still good to give the gear a chance before tossing it to the curb.

Thanks for the simple review.

Dick Rees:
Hey, Joe....

Were they by chance serving free KoolAid?????

Joe Brugnoni:
NO they where not, I am not sure what you mean but what the hell

After what I had taken time to read on here I was very nervous about it!!!

 Now if someone thinks they are going to use these outside with a metal band,or any band the plays really loud for that matter, inside or outside I think it might be disappointing.

As the guy that claimed the VRAY 112's sucked and just blew ribbon assemblies but was running a Crest PRO 9200 at them full bore

SO when used as designed, I guess I would say they do fine.

Tom Young:
Where were the "towers" and subs set up, relative to the band ...... in front or behind ?


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