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2010 Road Tests getting ready to start!


Craig Leerman:
Hi all,

I am still looking for participants in the new 2010 Road tests.  I have some great gear ready to go and need a few more folks.

Some of the gear already in the program includes:

* Electro-Voice ZXA1 Powered Loudspeakers  (1 pair)
* Switchcraft SC-800 Direct Box w/ Jensen Transformer
* Blue Microphones En-Core 100
* Blue Microphones En-Core 200 (1 pair)
* Danley TH Mini subwoofer (1 pair)
* Danley SM 60F Loudspeakers (1 pair)
* Danley SH LPM Monitors (1 Pair)
* Mackie HD 1521 Powered Loudspeakers (1 pair)
* Mackie HD 1501 Powered Subwoofers (1 pair)
* Mackie 3204 VLZ3 Mixer

Also coming soon into the Road test will be Audix Microphones, and Line 6 Wireless systems. And we have more manufacturers lined up as well!

Check the other sticky thread about how to participate, and shoot me a PM with your contact info if you would like to be a part of the Road Test Gang!



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