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need some subwoofer guidance

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Jared Alonge:
hmmm icic. well we are sort of a mobile dj business therefore we already have the equipment for mobile events and thats why we figured to just adding on with what we already have, obviously mobile PA system speakers isnt going to cut it haha. But after talking to someone at bassmax we were told we could get powered SSP 218 for 6000 watts for like $4k. I mean we plan on doing alot of these so thats why i want to just buy a system for the long hual rather than hire someone and their equipment everytime. that being said, 8 enclosures of those is $32K compared to like $72k for 8 McCauley M88s with i think 4 lab.gruppen plm14000's. Would anyone advise purchasing say one of these powered sub woofers just to get a good feel of how loud they can get before investing in more or will only one not come close to the finished product? thanks for taking the time to read this, its impossible to get straight answers from companies

Tracy Garner:
My recommendation is to rent a complete system maybe using different companies or use one company that has three or four different systems you are considering purchasing.

OR you might want to visit some of the dance music festivals and get a better idea of what is out there. Winter Music Conference is happening while I'm writing this. You would get the opportunity to hear maybe 50 different systems with various venue sizes while enjoying the Miami weather.

You really have to audition a full system before you decide to buy a bunch of pieces.

Simon Ryder:

--- Quote from: Tim Talbot on March 10, 2011, 08:01:39 PM ---Hire 16x EM Quake subs with Powersoft K10 amps + Stand back and enjoy ;)

--- End quote ---

Have you been playing with Jules and Merv, or Mike Bamber?

Marjan Milosevic:
Rent a system that you think it will work and if it does then buy the same one.

Tim Talbot:

--- Quote from: Simon Ryder on March 12, 2011, 05:36:11 PM ---Have you been playing with Jules and Merv, or Mike Bamber?

--- End quote ---

Both lol and have even worked for Mike using all of his and Merv's.... lot of fun for sure


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