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Elation Platnium 5R

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Frederik Rosenkjær:
jeffhtg (Jeff Kenney) wrote on Wed, 04 August 2010 06:32
Bright compared to what?

I thought the 5R was a cheapo bulb that was being introduced for low end fixtures? Am I wrong here?

No expert here but you can see in a video on YouTube from their booth at some show (I forget which) that it's quite a bit superior to both their 250-watt discharge and even a 500-watt one. And it's field is completely even white where all the others (they have like 8 different comparable fixtures right next to it, all pointing to a white wall) are very uneven by comparison.

So it's my impression that they're not a budget-thing.

Steve Ferreira:
Now that this are being shipped, any users?

Thomas Bishop:
I have a pair and am planning on replacing my MAC250's with them.  Paul's description of being "bright, FAST, and really lightweight" is spot on.  I love the frost feature; rather than looking into a separate wash unit I now can buy the same fixture to do either task.  It is much brighter with no color and the saturated colors such as red (completely unusable on the MAC250) are highly visible.  The gobos are a little more difficult to remove than on a MAC250, but it's not a deal breaker.  The menu system is easier to navigate with full color and actual text.

Scott Flaws:
just got a pair today, i will be firing them up tomorrow and comparing the them to the Accu 300( msd250 ) and a Accu Spot 575. very anxious to see what they can do.

Scott Flaws:
Update:::: these lights are very very impressive. I have since bought 6 more, the output is unreal. The colors are great, they are smooth in motion and very quiet. there is not one thing bad to say about them. although they do run warm, the 5r lamp is truly truly amazing.


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