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Elation Platnium 5R

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Steve Ferreira:
Anybody using this light? Features and price are very appealing.

Chad Costanzo:
Played with it at the trade show... The light field from the lamp is amazing.  I will defiantly spec these onto some installs

Frederik Rosenkjær:
Chad Costanzo wrote on Thu, 22 July 2010 00:05
I will defiantly spec these onto some installs

LOL - sometimes this mistake comes at a great time!

Lamp looks interesting, though - especially the wash functionality.

Paul Lea:
Got a chance to play with them, they are bright, FAST and really lightweight. You find yourself not really believing what you see.  If it was CMY it would be all over for me.

Great color, even beam field.

That being said, it will be the new light that we use if they ever start shipping them.......

jeffhtg (Jeff Kenney):
Bright compared to what?

I thought the 5R was a cheapo bulb that was being introduced for low end fixtures? Am I wrong here?


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