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JTR Speakers Triple 8X


Dave Dermont:
My latest Road Test gear is a pair of  JTR Triple 8X loudspeakers. As the name suggests, this cabinet is loaded with three 8 inch cones, one of which is a coaxial. They were shipped to me with the coaxial unit in the center, and I find this arrangement best for all-around usage. The driver arrangement can be configured with the coax on one end for dedicated FOH use or to make mirror imaged pairs of  floor monitors.

The cabinet is designed so it can be stacked vertically or horizontally, used as a monitor wedge, or mounted on a speaker stand. The cabinet's only handle is located on the end opposite the pole cup. I find them light enough to carry with a single handle. The Baltic Birch cabinet is finished in a black textured paint.

My initial use has been as a monitor wedge in a club where I have been working as house sound man for the past year.  The club regularly books Hardcore and Metal bands, so there is often a need for high  stage monitor levels. The JTR Triple 8 provides a very high level of output for its size, and does so with absolutely no EQ applied. It also has a surprising amount of low end for such a small wedge. The cabinet sounds a lot bigger than it looks. Not only can it easily hold its own against similarly priced wedges loaded with 15” woofers but it does so while taking up less space and weighing less.

Anyone who wants one cabinet that can do a lot of things should check out the triple 8X. I can see it being used as a monitor wedge, a speaker-on-a-stick main PA, or as a front fill in a large system. No loudspeaker cabinet can be all things to all people, but the Triple 8X can be a lot of things to a lot of people.

The JTR Triple 8X is available directly from the manufacturer for $999.00.

Dave Dermont

Tim McCulloch:
Hi Dave-

Thanks for the review.  It helps.

That the T8 keeps up with hardcore/metal is a Very Good Sign.  I need a low profile front fill for gigs louder than polite company.  I'll send a PM to Leerman and see if we can get in rotation to try them.

Have fun, good luck.

Tim Mc


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